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Student Code of Conduct

Key Words: Respect, responsibility, cooperation and kindness

These are the key words at our school and are to be considered in everything we do as we learn and have fun together. These key words are to be demonstrated in our attitude and behaviour.

• We will be respectful to ourselves and those around us; respectful of plants, animals and the environment, respectful to the equipment, buildings and grounds provided for us.

• We will be responsible for our own learning and behaviour. We choose to act responsibly and we don’t allow our behaviour to be controlled by others. We will work and learn to the best of our ability.

• We will be cooperative with each other so that our learning time together is safe and supportive for all of us. If we have problems we will solve them cooperatively so that all of us win.

• We will always be kind to each other because we are all valued people.

At some point in the year you may have a problem with one, or more, of your fellow students. We follow a restorative conflict resolution practice to solve problems.

If you have a problem on the playground, there are adults available to help you reach a solution. Staff can help you problem solve. Ask an EA, a teacher, or the principal for help.

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